Hi! How’s everything? No really, how is your day going? Hopefully, it is going well and you are stopping to read this with a tasty beverage of some sort (coffee, tea, maybe a mojito?) :)  Excellent!!  Today is going well in the land of Blueye Images. Busy but well. As you may have noticed Blueye Images has under gone a makeover (not the Hoda & Kathy Lee kind) but for our 10th anniversary we decided it was time for a fresh look and a new website. This has been a few months in the making but we are finally here and excited to show off what we’ve been working on. The rebranding and website have been live for just a couple weeks but we have held off on the big celebratory launch (until now) simply due to wanting all the bugs and kinks worked out (who wants to see a new blog with no posts?!). This is our first official blog post on our brand spankin’ new blog! We hope to add a few more posts this week and really get this thing rock n rollin! The latest news, happenings, and projects we’re working on will be posted here and shared, of course, via our Facebook & Instagram pages. If you aren’t already a fan come check us out there as well. Please be sure to browse around the new website as well. In keeping with the belief that “it’s all about the photos,” we’ll keep this and all future posts brief. So, thanks for stopping by and we look forward to many more future “chats.”                                                  xo, Lona

BEI-Logo copy


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